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Certificate of Immigrant Success Canada (ISC) Program

An Action Plan for Success in Canada for 20 years

  • Winter 2024 Program – 5 months, from January 1, 2024 to May 31, 2024

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How to choose your and your family education in Canada

Work & Life Balance

How to land a
perfect job for you

Natural Environment

How to enjoy
Canada fully

Success Action Plan

Your roadmap in Canada
For the next 20 years

Certificate of Immigrant Success Canada (ISC) Program

An Action Plan for Success in Canada for 20 years

  • Fall 2022 Program – 5 months, from October 1, 2022, to February 28, 2023
  • Spring 2023 Program – 5 months, from April 1, 2023, to August 31, 2023
  • Fall 2023 Program – 5 months, from October 1, 2023, to February 28, 2024


Who can benefit from our program?

Our program is beneficial for a new immigrant who wants to gain a better understanding of his/her personal lifestyle in Canada, learn how to be a more successful immigrant in Canada, and to maximize his/her growth while facing current challenges and opportunities in Canada.

Our Coaching

Unique Strength of Our program

Our program was created by the unique strengths of three coaches in communication and leadership, using the combined real-life Canadian experiences of more than 75 years in these fields.

Who We Are?

We are immigration coaches because we possess a combination of deep coaching expertise across many contexts in immigration, street credibility through our own practical experience, and a passion for supporting immigrants’ personal development journeys.
Through our ISC Program, immigrants master ISC’s unique experiential learning approaches, stay connected with our leading-edge knowledge about immigration trends and frameworks, and constantly update themselves with the latest research and assessment tools to support immigration success.

Company history

February 2018 – Beginning of Immigrant Success Canada (formerly concept during Charlie Baek’s trip to South Korea
March 2018 – Official start of KoreaCanada with a Youtube video, Youtube channel name – “Hi, I‘m Charlie Baek, a Canadian civil servant.”
December 2018 – Partnership between Charlie Baek and Brad M., a website launch, KoreaCanada.Ca
January to December 2019 – Served four clients
March 2019 – Client assessment tool

Company history

February 2021 – Charlie Baek and Kris Nelson started to collaborate on the program
March 2021 – Partnership between Charlie Baek and Kris Nelson
April to June 2021 – Posting promotional YouTube videos on key topics
May 2021 – 3 simple steps to success as a new immigrant
April 2022 – Emanuel Petrescu. joined
April 2021 – present– Developed a new program for new immigrants


Charlie Baek

  • An MBA, a CPA, a public sector work experience,
  • A volunteer CPA Ontario Admission & Registration committee member (a role of a judge or adjudicator),
  • Currently works for a provincial government in Canada
  • A Toastmasters Division Director, and
  • A volunteer organizer for a Tennis community in the city
  • Immigrated into Canada in 2000 from South Korea


Immigration Consultancy 95%
Life Coaching & Personal Finance 95%


Kris Nelson

  • A Toastmasters District Director, 
  • An English language & communication coach, 
  • A communication coach for job interviews, 
  • A business owner and a mentor


Student Consultancy 95%
Communication Consultancy 95%


Emanuel Petrescu

  • BA in Business Administration,
  • 10+ years of experience in Digital Marketing,
  • Immigration Mentor
  • Toastmasters Public Relations Manager for a district.


Motivation 95%
Career Consultancy 95%

Selection Process

  1. We accept only very few qualified applicants through our extremely rigorous selection criteria.
  2. We accept only 5 participants who fit our ideal participant profile in our program.
  3. We accept participants whom we can coach fully, which is 100%.

Ideal participants

  1. Well-employed in her/his home country – A minimum salary of $100K per year
  2. A family with children – A minimum of one child
  3. Age between late 20’s and mid 40’s
  4. Have a long-term view of life in Canada – A minimum of 20 years
    Adventurous, passionate, and persistent

Program fee - $1,999

Scholarship or a lower fee is available for eligible applicants.

Here is how our scholarship and a lower fee work:

  1. The applicant submits his/her program application form to us.
  2. In a separate email, the applicant writes his/her desired scholarship amount and/or a new proposed program fee, including the following:
    1. Scholarship amount you want to receive
    2. Why are you eligible for the scholarship?
    3. A new proposed program fee you want to pay for the program
    4. Why and how do you support your new proposed fee?
  3. We evaluate the application without opening the applicant’s email that contains the scholarship and/or a new proposed program fee.
  4. Only when we determine that the applicant is qualified for the program we open the applicant’s program fee email.
  5. After considering all relevant factors, such as the application form, scholarship and a proposed program fee email, we decide on the final program fee and notify the applicant of our final price.

A Real Example of Success

At the time of immigration 2022
Age 35 57
Education Bachelor

Master (MBA, Ivey Business School, Western University)

CPA (Chartered Professional Accountant)

Job Finance Manager at a global German company Senior Analyst at a provincial government in Canada
Spouse Homemaker, 30 years old Small Business Owner, 52 years old
Children Son, 3 years old

Son, 25 years old – works for an accounting company in Toronto, Accounting Degree from Univerity of Toronto

Daughter, 20 years old, a third-year student studying business at McGill University in Montreal

Long-term view Living in Canada for 35 years Have lived in Canada for 22 years
Modules Examples
Self-assessment * Assessed my character on adventure, passion and risk-taking,
* Considered family & children
* Recognized the importance of education in Canada
Education * Obtained an MBA
* Earned a CPA
* Became a Toastmaster
* Hired & learning from English communication executive coaches
Work & life balance * Having a stable government job
* Enjoying playing tennis
* Living in a nice community
Natural environment * Enjoying fresh air, water and nice weather
* Relaxing in the beautiful nature of trees, animals and birds
* Volunteering activities for the community
Action plan for 20 years * Planned for 20 years in Canada in key areas – health, family and finances.
* Focused on planning, personal development and financial independence.
* Maintained a positive attitude, flexibility and resilience.

Meet Our Advisory Board

Martha Chan

Brad Moore

Alana MacIntyre

Chris Walsh

Rich Fleming

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