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Work & Life Balance – Immigrant Success Canada Program Module

Module 3 - Work and life balance

How to land a perfect job for you


Welcome to Module 3, Work and Life Balance!

What does “Work and Life Balance” mean to you? How do choose your career among the public sector, private sector, or your own business? Why location matters? Our coaching focuses on these three important questions.

  1. What does “Work and Life Balance” mean to you?
  2. Public or Private sector or your own business?
  3. Location! Location! Location! – fly to where the job is.


First, on the topic of “What does “Work and Life Balance” mean to you? We look into two case studies.

  • Case study – Charlie
    • 9 to 5
    • Tennis vs Work and Family vs Work


  • Case study – Emanuel
    • New career in Canada
    • Digital marketing


Second, on the topic of “Public or Private Sector, or your own business?”

Our coaches and advisors coach you about how to choose your career among three choices based on their real-life experiences.

  • Public sector jobs – Charlie, Chris, Rich
  • Private sector jobs – Emanuel, Brad, Alana
  • Entrepreneurs – Emanuel, Martha, Brad, Alana


Lastly, on how to select your job location, “Location! Location! Location! – fly to where the job is.”, you will evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of relocation. And we use Charli’s relocation story as a case study.

  • Pros and cons of relocating to where the job is.
  • Charlie’s story – 3 relocations and beyond
    • From Busan to Seoul in South Korea
    • From Korea to Canada
    • From South to North in Canada
    • From Canada to?


At the end of this module, you will have a clear idea about how to achieve work and life balance.

The module runs for 4 weeks.  You will be provided with weekly videos and assignments to submit via email. And we end with one Q & A session with a coach.

Start planning with excitement and purpose.

Program Tools & Resources

Our program focuses on long-term success, 20 years in Canada
The ISC (Immigrant Success Canada) Method is a unique 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 = 20 immigration success formula.

  1. The first 5 means the 5 modules of the program.
  2. The second 5 means the length of the program, which is 5 months.
  3. The third 5 means that only 5 participants per program and all participants share their learning and experience during the program.
  4. The fourth and last 5 means that you take the program every 5 years.

It means:

  • Worksheets and/or surveys for each module
  • 3 simple steps to immigration success in Canada
  • Success plan for the next 20 years plan
  • Cash flow for the next 20 years
  • Recorded videos

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