Kris Nelson – ISC-GO coach

Communication Coach

Instinctive linguist, ESL teacher and coach with 40+ years of teaching experience.


Hi, I’m Kris Nelson, one of the contributors to the founding of Immigrant Success Canada.

My mother immigrated to Canada with her family from the Netherlands in the 1950s. The eldest daughter, she was the family’s best English-speaker, and acted as their communicator in the early years. This is a role many children still hold today for families coming to Canada, and some who are already here.

Communicating in a new country is challenging! There’s so much to consider, from the fact that English is a complex and confusing language to cultural differences. I help immigrants build confidence and develop spoken and written English skills, apply language in different areas, and understand communication nuances.

Student Consultancy 95%
Communication Consultancy 95%
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