Welcome to the full 5 module program!

You are about to embark on a big journey, one of the most important decisions for you and your family. We are here to help you and support your journey.

Here is the overview of the Program.

What is the Program?

  • The purpose of the Program is to prepare you for 20 years in Canada.
  • The Program has five modules.
    • Immigration Fitness/Self-Assessment
    • Education
    • Work & Life Balance
    • Natural Environment of Canada
    • Success Action Plan

How it works?

  • You take five modules step-by-step in the order of the Program.
  • You complete each module in four weeks per month, in a total of five months.
  • Only five people can participate in each Program.

Key contents

  • Develop your success action plan for 20 years.
  • Complete your cash flow for 20 years.
  • For the contents of each module, please refer to the introduction of each module.

What you get after the program

  1. Success action plan for 20 years
  2. Cash flow for 20 years
  3. Learnings and sharing from the other four program participants.